We normally welcome owners in to the cattery, but since the pandemic started we have had to restrict access and the check in and out process has had to be completed at our entrance. This is in-line with inspectors recommendations.

We would like to go completely back to normal and allow everyone back in to settle and collect their cats, however, as we have customers returning from all over the world, we are concerned that all the team could potentially catch the virus, or be pinged by the NHS track and trace app, meaning we all have to isolate. This would be a disaster for us and everyone's holidays/plans as the cattery would likely need to close if this did happen. 


Our current procedures are inline with DEFRA guidelines, although we expect them to change soon.

Therefore, we will keep our current procedures in place (below) for the time being and continue to complete check in and departures at our gate.

We do hope you understand why we can't go back to normal just yet, the risk of disruption to the cattery and all our customers holidays and trips is currently too high.





  1. When arriving, please park on Riddlesdown Road. When approaching cattery if another customer is at our entrance gate, please wait a good distance back (by the front fence).

  2. If /when clear, please ring our buzzer and wait to be let in.

  3. Please then leave the carrier and any other items (food, bedding, medication etc) just inside the gate.

  4. We will be there to discuss details with you at an appropriate distance.

  5. You can then leave and we will collect your cat and belongings and take them straight to their pen, settle them and give them some food as we normally do. If requested, we can text/email you a picture or short video the next day, so you know your pet is all settled.


  1. When arriving, please park on Riddlesdown Road. When approaching cattery if another customer is at our entrance gate, please wait a good distance back (by the front fence).

  2. If /when clear, please ring our buzzer.

  3. There may be a couple of minutes wait while we put your cat in their carrier and collect their items. When done we will bring your items down and leave them by the gate and buzz you in to collect your cat.

  4. All payments will need to be made using the link on booking confirmations (these will be resent on the day of collection).

We know most owners like to settle their cats personally and we normally encourage this, but as distancing impossible, we must follow government advice. Please be assured we will still look after your cat like they are one of our own, spend time with them and give them as much fuss as they want. 

Collection and Return Service

While governmental restrictions in place, we are not able to enter your premises when collecting or returning your cat(s). We will call 10 minutes before arrival to give you chance to get your cat in their carrier. We will wear face masks and practice social distancing.


Cancelled Bookings During Pandemic

Unlike most catteries and kennels, we do not ask for a deposit in advance from our loyal customers and only request a deposit once, for new customers. However, this policy has bitten us hard due to the virus, while other animal boarding establishments are insisting on full payment.

During the pandemic we are not enforcing our T's and C's, that state a cancellation fee of 25% is payable if greater than a months’ notice, 50% if between a month and a week and 100% if less than a week.

We know we're not alone, but ask that if cancelling your booking, you pay the 25% deposit (not the higher percentages above, unless you have insurance that covers - please let us know if this is the case).


The understanding and generosity of our customers over the last couple of years has kept the cattery open.
We will resend the booking confirmation, adjusted to the cancellation price, which has a secure payment link attached for payment. We also understand most holiday insurances will cover.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties yourself and not covered by insurance, we really do understand.



We use veterinary grade virus specific disinfectant, VIRA-CARE (we also use bacta-care) by GHS, to deep clean all our pens, our shoes before entering every pen, food bowls and litter trays. We also have a large quantity of hospital grade alcohol sanitizer which is applied to our hands between each and every pen visit. You can be assured cats are very safe and well looked after. We have always been meticulous in our cleanliness here at Purley Cattery (See here) and nothing has changed regarding cleaning, only our arrival and collection procedures have changed and a dedicated area and process for cats if they come in from infected households. We believe there is no safer place for your cat.. and of course we never have and never will cut corners!




Cats from Owners with Covid


We have pens allocated which we will use if cats are brought to us from infected households, where they will remain for a minimum of three days from arrival as a precaution and strictly in line with government advice. 

The cattery will always strictly follow procedures as advised by the government/DEFRA (see below).


Of course these cats will still be given all the love and care we give to all our cats, just with added precautions.



Quarantine On Return From Trip Abroad

If you are told to quarantine on your return to the UK, we can return your cat(s) for a small charge (leaving at doorstep and distancing), please see 'collection and return' on cat boarding webpage. Depending on how busy we are, we may also be able to extend boarding if required. 



Keep Safe and if you have any worries or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.