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Frequently asked questions

What are your opening hours?

We're open for arrivals and departures at the following times;

Monday to Saturday - 08.00 to 10.00 and 16.00 to 18.00

Sunday - 16.00 to 17.00

We're open for customers all year except for Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. We're only open in the morning on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Please note - we also provide a collection and return service, that can be out of standard hours.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Can you take them?

Of course! Although as cover always required, we do charge £36 (inclusive of VAT) per hour for pre-existing conditions to cover our costs/travel etc.

For any illness while in the cattery, we have isolation pens and comprehensive insurance. We are registered with Anne Nelson Vets in South Croydon, however if your vet is within 4 miles of the cattery (and available) we will contact and visit your regular vet. We of course will keep you updated at all times.

My cat takes medication, can you administer?

Yes! We are competent in administering all types of medication, such as pills, insulin, food additives etc. and have a sharps bin. However, if on arrival we can see your cat needs immediate veterinary care, we reserve the right to refuse admission to the cattery.

My cat is very shy, will they be OK?

Yes! Almost every cat settles (usually quicker than owners!). We do adjust our behaviours according to each cats needs, if they want to be left alone, we'll give them space. We will still regularly check on them (and feed!) and will attempt to build a relationship slowly and steadily. We always keep noise to an absolute minimum.

My cat is elderly/disabled can you accommodate them?

Of course, we treat all cats according to their needs. We remove shelving for our elderly and disabled guests and can administer any medication, feed more regularly and keep an extra eye on them.

My cat is on a special diet, is this a problem?

No. We can feed your cat their usual food, please bring this with you on arrival.

Do you give cats treats?

Yes we like to give the cats some treats, just a few of course! During the night time rounds we check on every cat and give them a few treats. It often helps the nervous ones settle and also encourages them to eat their main meal. You are welcome to bring their favourite treats, although we do have our own. Therefore, if your cat is not allowed treats, please let us know on arrival.

Can I bring or collect my cat(s) outside of your standard opening hours?

Unless it's an emergency, we're afraid not, as like all catteries and kennels our opening hours are dictated by conditions within our licence to operate. Outside of these hours we are of course still here with the cats!

Do the cats mix?

No unless they are a family in a family pen. All cats must have their own pen, in accordance with the animal welfare act 2018.

My cats vaccination has expired, can you still accept them?

I'm afraid not, all cats should be vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. The risks are far too high to your cat if they are unvaccinated. Any cattery that allows unvaccinated cats would (and should) lose their licence. Contact your vet for advice on vaccinations, but please remember if your cat is late with injections they will possibly need two that are usually three weeks apart, they then need another two weeks before being allowed in a cattery (so 5 weeks in total).

Is the cattery insured?

Yes, we have comprehensive 5 star insurance for the cats in our care and the cattery itself, as well as public/employers liability insurance.

Can I bring my cat's favourite blanket, bed or toy?

Of course, we encourage owners bring anything they think will help their cat settle. We promise we will take good care of these items, but can not be held responsible for any loss or damage. We do supply bedding, some toys and a scratching post for all our guests, so not a necessity. As we disinfect all bowls and wash at 90 degrees after every feed, we use our own bowls, however if your cat has a microchip feeder, you are welcome to bring.

Do you give updates on how my pet is getting on?

Not as standard, as it takes us away from the important task of looking after and spending time with your cat. However we are always happy to reply to emails and always give honest answers.

I can't find my cats vaccination card, will you still take my cat(s)?

Without evidence we can't - but fear not, just call your vet and ask them to email us confirmation of when the last vaccination was. Our email address is

Can I see where my cat will be staying?

Of course, we encourage owners to take their cat to their pen and settle them. Although some owners prefer to leave the cat with us and that's not a problem either.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring your cat in a secure carrier (which can be left with us), your cats vaccination card (if not already evidenced by us), any medication and their food if not something we stock.

Owners can also bring, bedding or toys if they think these will help cat settle (although we do supply these).

Will my cat stay warm in the colder months?

Yes - all our inner cabins are heated to 18 degrees celsius and temperature is continuously monitored. 

Is the Cattery clean and hygienic?

Very much so, we don't cut corners! 

  1. We use 2 types of veterinary grade disinfectant (Viral and Bacterial)

  2. We use quality hand sanitisers and spray the soles of our shoes with disinfectant before entering a pen (every time, so it could be as much as 200 times a day!)

  3. We disinfect the whole pen between guests (shelves, scratching poles, walls, sneeze barriers, floors and ceilings)

  4. We clean AND disinfect every bowl after every feed and wash using the sanitise (>90C) setting on the dishwasher

  5. All our litter trays and cleaning implements are disinfected daily, each allocated to a pen and never used in other pens or communal areas.

  6. All bedding and soft toys are washed between guests (at 90 degrees) and hard toys are disinfected. 

  7. The kitchen is kept clean and all surfaces sprayed with disinfectant after every feed.

  8. Walkways are sprayed with disinfectant daily.

So why Purley Cattery?

We think you need to ask our customers! You can see our reviews on our home page, Google and elsewhere.

We are a medium sized cattery, just big enough to allow us to always have experienced staff in the cattery between 8am and 5.30pm and there's always someone on site at all times. The team have 25 + years experience, gained here at Purley Cattery, never cut corners, and importantly, we love cats! 

If we haven't answered your question here, please feel free to contact us via chat, the contact us form, email or phone!
We welcome viewing by appointment, as unannounced visits can take us away from the important task of caring for our guests). Please do email or call to arrange

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