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Our Service

We care for all cats, irrelevant of health and age. We treat every cat according to their needs and temperament, some like lots of fuss and attention, some like to be given space and we adjust our behaviour accordingly.

All cabins are fully heated with their own run. Bedding, a scratching post and toys are provided along with a litter tray and litter Owners are welcome to bring items from home to help your cat settle in, such as favourite bed or toys.

We're not just here to feed and change litter, we spend time getting to know your cat and making them feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. Cats are groomed, interacted/played with, receive treats (not too many of course and only if allowed!) and the administering of medications is all included in our price. All 'extras' are part of the service and we never charge more for these. Collection/returns and vet visits (for pre-exiting conditions) are the only additional charges we make.

We have 5 star rated insurance for our cattery and the cats in our care.

The team are very proud of the fact we have a full 5 star rating on Google (as at 26/4/24)

Please note our prices also INCLUDE VAT @ 20% (many don't).

Our cattery is staffed throughout the day and there is always someone on site.

We are open and honest regarding your cats well-being while staying with us, if there are any issues, they are recorded and shared with you on your return to collect you cat.

Continuing the theme of openness, you can see our Full Operating Procedures HERE

Cats are normally fed twice daily, but happy to feed more often if requested (elderly and kittens for example). We supply filtered drinking water for all cats, fresh every day and topped up throughout day when necessary. We stock a good range of cat foods, which can be found HERE. If your cats food is not on the list, you are very welcome to bring it with you. 

We administer all medications (injections, pills, gels, creams, food additives, asthma pumps etc.) at no extra cost. We have refrigeration and a sharps bin for insulin needles and other intravenous medications. (Disposal free of charge)

Sometimes, especially when going away, time is short, cab's refuse to carry pets (becoming more regular unfortunately) or owners have mobility problems. Because of this we also offer a collection and return service. Please check our Times + Prices page for current prices. To request this service please enter on 'other information' when booking online or request when calling or an emailing.

We welcome viewings outside of our customer opening hours, by appointment only (as we don't allow anything to get in the way of caring for our guests!)

Licenced by Croydon Council - Licence No. - 18/02948/ABO

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