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Terms and Conditions for Boarding

The safety, welfare and happiness of your cat(s) whilst in our care will always be our primary concern.

1.    All cats 6 months and over must be spayed/neutered.
2.    All cats in our care MUST have a current vaccination certificate. If evidence of vaccinations is not provided before or on arrival, we reserve the right to refuse admission and cancel the booking. 
3.    Cats must be free of fleas before entering the cattery. We will administer flea treatment if fleas are evident. Flea treatments are chargeable to the owner at a cost of £16.00 inclusive of VAT (as of 6th April 2023).
4.    We advise that all collars should be removed prior to the cat's stay. Any collar left on is entirely at owners’ risk.
5.    Cat’s from the same household can be accommodated in one pen. However, if the welfare of any cats is affected (e.g. aggression shown between cats or cat eating the food of the other(s)) we reserve the right to separate them.
6.    If a cat is not collected one month after the agreed collection day, we have the right to assume ownership and seek re-homing. All additional boarding charges and costs involved will be charged to the customer and will be pursued in court if necessary.
7.    Owners must inform us at the time of booking (or as soon as condition known if after booking) of any medical condition or history that may affect your cats stay.
8.    We will happily administer prescribed medication (e.g. tablets, food additives and injections), however if we believe your cat requires specialist veterinary care, we reserve the right to refuse admission and cancel the booking.
9.    If a cat becomes unwell while under our care, we will attempt to contact your regular vet for advice. If a vet visit is required, we will use your regular vet if available and within 4 miles of our location (CR8 1DD). If your vet is unavailable or the distance is greater than 4 miles, we will visit a respected local veterinary practice. 
10.    We will charge £36 inclusive of VAT per hour (correct at 6th April 2023)  to facilitate any veterinary visits required for pre-existing medical conditions whilst in our care.
11.    All veterinary costs are the responsibility of the cat owner.
12.    Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each and every cat in our care, we cannot be held responsible for any illness or loss.
13.    Our Opening Hours are as follows;
Monday to Saturday - 8am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm
Sunday - 4pm to 5pm

We are closed for arrival and collection on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, News Years Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
We are only open in the mornings on Christmas and New Years’ Eves.
We cannot accept arrivals or collections outside of the hours stated above, unless the reason for the out of hours visit is an emergency.
14.    Owners will be charged for all booked days, regardless if stay is foreshortened.
15.    All days are chargeable, however if cat is collected before 10am we will not charge for the day of departure.
16.    Minimum boarding charge is 3 days, unless booking includes any day during Easter Weekend (Good Friday to Easter Monday) and the period 24th December to 2nd January where the minimum charge is 5 days.
17.    A 25% non-refundable deposit is payable at time of booking, with the remainder payable on collection of pet(s). For customers who have had cats stay with us previously, and without payment issues, no deposit will be payable.
18.  If booking is cancelled >1 month before arrival, 25% of booking is payable. If cancelled between 1 month and 1 week of arrival 50% is payable, if cancelled less than 1 week before arrival 100% of the booking is payable. 
19.    Payment can be made by Debit/Credit Card (online and at Cattery), Bank Transfer (if in advance of collection) or Cash. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express or any business/corporate cards.
20.    Prices are reviewed annually and any changes are implemented on the 1st January. We do however, reserve the right to amend prices at other times.
21.    If our prices are changed between the time of booking and arrival day, we will charge the new, current price. If our prices are changed during the cats stay with us, we will honour the lower price for all of the stay.  
22.  Booking confirmation emails show an indicative price that may be liable to change.  Please check our website at for our up to date price list.


Data Protection

As we are responsible for the care of your cat, it is necessary for us to hold your cat and your personal information. This information is only held by us and will not be disclosed to any third parties. We are also certified by the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) 

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